zondag, oktober 09, 2005
Selamat Jalan Papa... (8:36:00 a.m.)
Death is bigger
Than you
And death is bigger
Than me

It is louder
Than silence
It is more final
Than the end

Death is what happens
After the shock
After the tears
After the words
After the world goes on
After the end

Death does not care
About bills
And books
And projects

It is not too shy
To end a life

It comes
When everyone prays the hardest
Wooing the dying
Beckoning the soul
And when it's dance is done
The pain rushes in

I miss you Daddy.
(pap pergi untuk selamanya disaat aku bikin email untuk dia, karena ini hari ultahnya...ternyata Tuhan menginginkan yang terbaik buat papa. Selamat jalan Pa...May u rest in peace..)
~~ Sunday 9 Oktober 2005 till 6 o`clock in the morning~~
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